INSA Lyon (CITI Lab/Inria):This project will be lead by Prof Jean-Marie Gorce, who is a member of the Socrate team affiliated to Insa Lyon and Inria Rhone-Alpes. Socrate team is hosted at CITI lab on the Lyon Tech La Doua campus of Université de Lyon. The Socrate team targets the emerging domain of software and cognitive radio. The team gathers research skills in computer science, signal processing and radio propagation. The goal of Socrate is to contribute in the cognitive radio domain by proposing innovative solutions for SDR systems from a distributed perspective. Socrate develops both theoretical and experimental works and aims at filling the gap between theoretical bounds and practical systems. The Arburst project falls in the theoretical side but will contribute at the end to an implementaion of CorteXlab (EquipexFIT) which is the flagship platform of Socrate.

INSA Rennes (IETR): The team involved in the project is systèmes de communications numériques (SCN, AERES A+ 2010) and is hosted by IETR (Institut d’électronique et de télécommunication de Rennes, UMR 6164). The research field of the team is on the optimization of wireless and wired communication systems and is structured around two axis (i) flexibility, dynamicity, criticity and complexity of embedded systems and (ii) algorithms and signal processing for communication systems. The people involved in this project work in the second axis and are implied in fundamental and applied researches in wireless and wireline communications, including OFDM and MIMO systems, iterative receivers, cooperative communications, resource allocation schemes and analytical performance studies. The team published several international journal papers on these subjects and has been involved in several European and national programs dealing with cooperative communications and resource allocations, e.g. CELTIC B21C, ICT FP7 WHERE, ICT FP7 OMEGA, ANR TRIMARAN. The team is also involved in the Labex CominLabs through the project TEPN.

IRCICA: IRCICA was created in the framework of the program of reinforcement of the research in the Nord Pas-de-Calais Region launched in 2001. 3 laboratories, IEMN, CRIStAL and PhLAM have joined their efforts to build a project and a scientific program focused on hardware and software components for information and advanced communication which corresponded to a scientific field in which the three laboratories had recognized knowledge and competences and in which many challenges and breakthroughs had to be addressed before industrial applications.


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