The overall goal of ARIA is to catalyze an inter-sectoral exchange in order to narrow the gap between basic research carried out in academia and industrial needs. Although this gap is unavoidable in many research communities, it is particularly remarkable in the field of Reduced Order Modeling (ROM)



As so, the secondments in ARIA are designed to support the knowledge sharing and will aim at the following cross-fertilization:

  1. from industry to academia: communicate industrial needs, provide realistic test-cases;
  2. from academia to industry: technology contamination, casting of state-of-the-art technology in industrial context

Until June 2022, there have been 40 PMs of secondments implemented in the project:

  • Inria: 21 PMs secondments
  • optimad: 5PMs secondments
  • Polito; 2 PMs secondments
  • Esteco: 3PMs secondments
  • Nurea: 1PM secondment
  • VW: 3PMs secondments
  • USE: 5PMs secondments
  • IEFLUIDS: 1PM secondment

Please see more about these secondments in the News and Events of the project

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