Project description

The aim of the AUTOC-ITS project is to contribute to the deployment of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) in Europe by enhancing interoperability for autonomous vehicles as well as to boost the role of C-ITS as the catalyst for the implementation of autonomous driving. To do that, three pilots will be implemented in three major European cities: Paris, Madrid, and Lisbon located along the Atlantic Corridor. These three pilots will test and evaluate the deployment of C-ITS services in autonomous vehicles under the applicable traffic regulation.
These pilots include testing of autonomous driving supported with C-ITS in open and closed traffic to check the applicable traffic rules. In concrete, the Action will conduct a study on traffic regulation for autonomous vehicles aimed primarily at urban nodes connected to the main transport network. Aspects of real-time monitoring, communications infrastructure, guiding strategies for complex man-oeuvres and high-level strategies for management of the autonomous vehicle from traffic control centers will also be addressed. The action will also study the extension of the results and large-scale deployment in other European countries and contribute to initiatives such as the C-Roads and C-ITS platforms and other European standards organizations.
AUTOC-ITS brings the road authorities (DGT, ANSR, SANEF) and C-ITS experts (INRIA, INDRA, UPM, UC, IPN) to carry out a study to contribute to the C-ITS Platform and bring answers to the field of automation.

Project Participants

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