During the project, we organized two measurement campaigns in order to collect data. Both campaigns relied on the installation of two partner applications on the smartphone of users (Acqua and Hostview).

  • The first campaign started in November 2019 with 10 users, over a  two-month period. The goal of this campaign was to  to test the combination of several tools to conduct end-to-end measurements on a small scale.
  • The second experimentation started in April 2019 involving 60 users, over a three-month period per user.

Here are some links related to the  second measurement campaign:

http://betternet-rumbi.lhs.loria.fr/  (in French) presents the experimentation website where you can find a description of the experimentation, the list of the user instructions and several network tests (when downloading images and videos from a controlled experimental website) to be made by users.

We also use this website to

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