Welcome to B’Waves 2023 (May 30th-June 1st)

This workshop focuses on various aspects of wave breaking, with accent on free surface waves. The main topics are wave breaking in coastal regions, wave breaking in deep water. Other topics covered involve several aspects of wave propagation which are relevant for  the dynamics or the wave breaking, as well as and breaking of internal and interfacial waves. The workshop brings together researchers using a variety of techniques: field measurements, laboratory experiments, numerical approximations, and mathematical modelling.

The B’Waves series started with a 2014 workshop aiming at serving as a platform for interactive exchange between scientists. Since its inception, the workshop has historically provided three types of talks. The specific characteristic of the B’Waves workshops  is to aim at leaving ample space to round table discussions to highlight the limitations of the current knowledge and techniques, and to identify possible avenues for research.

After a 2021 edition in full virtual mode, the fifth edition will be again in presence in in the INRIA research center on the University of Bordeaux campus, location of the very first edition. Links to the previous editions:

vB’Waves 2021 virtual event

B’Waves 2018 in Marseille

B’Waves 2016 in Bergen

B’Waves 2014 in Bordeaux

Scientific Committee

Michel Benoit,  EDF R&D LNHE and Saint-Venant Hydraulics Lab (France)

Philippe Bonneton, CNRS Université de Bordeaux (France)

Maurizio Brocchini, Università Politecnica delle Marche (Italy)

Magda Carr, Newcastle University (UK)

Stéfan Grilli, University of Rhode Island (USA)

Alessandro Iafrati,  Institute of Marine Engineering (Italy)

Pierre Lubin, Université de Bordeaux (France)

Atle Jensen, University of Oslo (Norway)

Lili Kimmoun, Ecole Centrale Marseille (France)

James T. JR Kirby, University of Delaware (USA)

Marissa Yates-Michelin, CEREMA (France)

Fabrice Veron, University of Delaware (USA)


Henrik Kalisch,  University of Bergen (Norway)

Mario Ricchiuto, Inria (France)

Anne-Laure Gautier, Inria (France)

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