Activity summary

You can download the project activity summary (2013-2016).



Our platform for enriched and annotable video publications.


COCoNotes Live

A live annotation tool, through a private microblogging interface with the possibility to categorize posts.


Video resources

61 videos (43 hours) enriched with synchronized slides, quizes, annotations.


Source code

We are participating in the development of the Metadataplayer framework. You can also access the source code of our live annotation tool and of the currently developped COCoNotes platform.


Organization of events

  • Ljubljana OCWC Global, Ljubljana, 23-25 April 2014
  • Journée des MOOCs, Nantes, 24 January 2014
  • Colloque “Internet et éducation”, Journées Scientifiques de l’Université de Nantes, 12 June 2015


Visits (incoming)

  • Denis Gillet, Maître d’enseignement et de recherche, EPFL (Jan 2014)
  • Patrick Jermann, Directeur exécutif, EPFL (Jan 2014)
  • Vanda Luengo (Jun 2015)


Talks given

  • Internet of Education (Ljubljana, 2013)
  • Online Educa (Berlin, 2013)
  • International Conference on MultiMedia Modeling (Dublin, 2014)
  • Conference on Computer Supported Education (Barcelona, 2014)
  • Spring Workshop on Mining and Learning (Oostende, 2014)
  • OpenCourseWareConference (Ljubljana, 2014)
  • Journée pédagogique de la SIF (Paris, 2014)
  • Research Seminar (Caen, 2015)
  • SAVE-SD Workshop (Florence, 2015)
  • Open Education Global Conference (Banff, 2015)
  • Environnements Informatiques pour l’Apprentissage Humain (Agadir, 2015)
  • COMPSAC Symposium on Computer Education and Learning Technologies (Taichung, 2015)
  • Action Lab OEC Global (Cracovie, 2016)
  • iAnnotate (Berlin, 2016)
  • EC-TEL (Lyon, 2016)


Key industrial contacts



  • Knowledge4All
  • Explornova
  • Ouest Medialab
  • Unires
  • CIRM / UEB
  • OpenHypervideo project
  • Hubble ANR project


Partnerships, projects launched

  • In 2014, submission to ERC grant
  • In 2015, participation to submissions of projects


Partnerships, projects accepted

  • Class’Code : The goal is to conceive, produce and deploy over the entire French territory a massive open blended learning course intended for the education professionals and more generally for anyone interested in teaching Computational Thinking to young people (8-14 years old). This project ( is supported by many French institutions.
  • PASTEL : Performing Automated Speech Transcription for Enhancing Learning. This project, involving labs from UBL (LIUM, LINA, CREN) and Orange, aims at enhancing the live learning experience by providing live automated speech transcription.

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