Software platform for the Semantic Web of Linked Data

Corese is a software platform implementing and extending the standards of the Semantic Web. It allows to create, manipulate, parse, serialize, query, reason and validate RDF data.

Corese implement W3C standarts RDF, RDFS, SPARQL1.1 Query & Update, OWL RL, SHACL … It also implements extensions like STTL SPARQL, SPARQL Rule and LDScript.

There are several interfaces for Corese:

  • Corese-library: Java library to process RDF data and use Corese features via an API.
  • Corese-server: Tool to easily create, configure and manage SPARQL endpoints.
  • Corese-gui: Graphical interface that allows an easy and visual use of Corese features.
  • Corese-Python (beta): Python wrapper for accessing and manipulating RDF data with Corese features using py4j.
  • Corese-Command (beta): Command Line Interface for Corese that allows users to interact with Corese features from the terminal.

Contributions and discussions

For support questions, comments, and any ideas for improvements you’d like to discuss, please use our discussion forum. We welcome everyone to contribute to issue reports, suggest new features, and create pull requests.

General informations

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