14.30 – 14.35
Introductory words

14.35 – 15.05
Amit Kumar Pandey (Softbank Robotics, Paris, France)

15.05 – 15:35
Lydia Tapia (UNM, USA): How Safe Can You Go: Motion Planning with Stochastic Moving Obstacles.

15.35 – 16:05
Mark Pfeiffer (ETH, Switzerland)

16:05 – 16:40
Interactive Session I
  • Ankur Deka, Vishnu K. Narayanan, Takahiro Miyashita and Norihiro Hagita. Adaptive Attention-Aware Pedestrian Trajectory Prediction for Robot Planning in Human Environments.
  • Noha Radwan and Wolfram Burgard. Effective Interaction-aware Trajectory Prediction using Temporal Convolutional Neural Networks.
  • Guoxiang Zhou, Berta Bescos, Marcin Dymcyzk, Mark Pfeiffer, José Neira and Roland Siegwart. Dynamic Objects Segmentation for VisualLocalization in Urban Environments.

16:30 – 17:00
Coffee break

16:50 – 17:25
Interactive Session II
  • Tingxiang Fan, Xinjing Cheng, Jia Pan, Dinesh Monacha and Ruigang Yang. CrowdMove: Autonomous Mapless Navigation in Crowded Scenarios.
  • Mitsuhiro Kamezaki, Moondeep Shrestha, Yusuke Tsuburaya, Ryosuke Kono and Shigeki Sugano. Utilizing Robot’s Forearm Contact for Handling Space Constraints in Congested Environment.
  • Moondeep Shrestha, Mitsuhiro Kamezaki, Yusuke Tsuburaya, Ryosuke Kono and Shigeki Sugano. A Preliminary Investigation into Human Motion Reaction Against a Robot’s Forearm Contact.
  • Jacques Saraydaryan, Fabrice Jumel and Olivier Simonin. Navigation in Human Flows : Planning with Adaptive Motion Grid.

17:25 – 17:55
Armin Seyfried (IAS, Julich, Germany): Transport properties of crowds.

17:55 – 18:25
Satoru Satake (ATR, Japan): How to develop robot service in crowded public space? Easy or Difficult?

18:25 – 18:55
Pierre-Brice Wieber (INRIA, France): Mitigating Collisions and Preserving Balance in Dense Crowds.

18:55 – 19:25
Raja Chatila (ISIR, Paris)

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