Description of the DASH project:

The proposal submitted is available Proposal DASH (full).

In particular, you can find:

  • tasks and deliverables: page 13
  • financial matters: pages 13-14


  • Coming Up


On IO scheduling [Task 2]:

  • Periodic I/O scheduling for super-computers,
    Guillaume Aupy, Ana Gainaru, Valentin Le Fèvre
    PMBS’17, Denver, USA, November 2017. [pdf][slides][code]
  • I/O scheduling strategy for periodic applications
    Ana Gainaru, Valentin Le Fèvre, Guillaume Pallez (Aupy)
    ACM TOPC, in press, 2019. [pdf][slides][code]

On Burst-Buffers models [Task 3]:

  • What size should your Buffers to Disks be?,
    Guillaume Aupy, Olivier Beaumont, Lionel Eyraud-Dubois
    IPDPS 2018, Vancouver, Canada, May 2018. [pdf][slides][code]
  • Sizing and Partitioning Strategies for Burst-Buffers to Reduce IO Contention,
    Guillaume Aupy, Olivier Beaumont, Lionel Eyraud-Dubois
    IPDPS 2019, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, May 2019. [pdf]

On studying an IO intensive specific application for evaluation [Task 4]:

  • H-Revolve: A Framework for Adjoint Computation on  Synchronous Hierarchical Platforms,

    Guillaume Aupy, Julien Herrmann
    Under review. [pdf][code]

  • Optimal Memory-aware Backpropagation of Deep Join Networks,

    Olivier Beaumont, Julien Herrmann, Guillaume Pallez (Aupy), Alena Shilova
    Under review. [pdf][slides]

Code Repositories:

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