The ongoing mass deployment of 5G-mmWave wireless networks, operating in the FR2 band, will make human exposure in the upper part of the microwave spectrum ubiquitous worldwide. Due to the fundamental limitations associated with shallow penetration of the mmWave radiation in the biological tissues, the conventional dosimetry and compliance testing techniques used below 10 GHz cannot be directly scaled up to higher frequencies. This creates a technology gap and handicap for the development of 5G-mmWave networks.

EM-ART aims at exploring a fundamentally new approach that addresses the challenges of accurate, realistic, fast, and highly sensitivity dosimetry measurements at frequencies allocated for 5G wireless networks, including the 26GHz and 60GHz bands. To achieve this goal, the project brings together the complementary expertise and know-how of IETR and IRISA in advanced mmWave technologies, computational electromagnetics, multi-physics dosimetry, bio-inspired models, and sensor-based robotics to pave the way for the new generation of dosimetry systems for 5G and beyond.

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