EPIQ – Quantum Software

EPIQ (ANR-22-PETQ-0007) is a PEPR project, part of the French Plan Quantique 2030.

Despite its relatively small size, the French quantum computing research community has always been at the forefront of international research. It thus provides the foundations for an ambitious strategy aiming at:

  • Understanding the advantages and limits of quantum computing via both quantum complexity research and the discovery and enhancement of algorithms

  • Defining the framework for quantum computation using high-level languages, comparison of computational models as well as using their relations for program optimization

  • Develop simulation tools to anticipate the performances of algorithms on noisy quantum machines.

Algorithmic aspects are key in the field of quantum computing which witnesses a tremendous intensification of research efforts worldwide. Indeed, in addition to determining the design and the construction of hardware quantum processors, algorithms also constitute the interface through which users will solve their practical use cases leading to potential economic gain.

Based on the outstanding French position, our project aims at developing algorithmic techniques for both noisy quantum machines (NISQ) and fault-tolerant ones so as to facilate their practical implementation. To this end, a first Work Package (WP) is dedicated to algorithmic techniques, a second one focuses on computational models and languages so as to facilitate the programming of quantum machines and to optimize the code execution steps. Lastly, the third WP aims at developing the simulation techniques of quantum computers.

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