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Hybrid Eeg-MrI and Simultaneous neuro-feedback for brain Rehabilitation

The goal of HEMISFER is to make full use of neurofeedback paradigm in the context of rehabilitation and psychiatric disorders. The major breakthrough will come from the use of a coupling model associating functional and metabolic information from Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) to Electro-encephalography (EEG) to “enhance” the neurofeedback protocol. We propose to combine advanced instrumental devices (Hybrid EEG and MRI platforms), with new man-machine interface paradigms (Brain computer interface and serious gaming) and new computational models (source separation, sparse representations and machine learning) to provide novel therapeutic and neuro-rehabilitation paradigms in some of the major neurological and psychiatric disorders of the developmental and the aging brain (stroke, attention-deficit disorder, language disorders, treatment-resistant mood disorders, …). This project will be conducted through a very complementary set of competences over the different teams involved in HEMISFER (Visages Inserm U746, HYBRID and PANAMA Teams from Inria/Irisa, EA 4712 team from University of Rennes I and ATHENA team from Inria Sophia-Antipolis).

The consortium involves the following people and teams:

·         CominLabs representatives : Christian BARILLOT (DR CNRS, INSERM Visages U746, IRISA CNRS 6074), Anatole LECUYER (DR Inria, HYBRID Team, INRIA/IRISA CNRS 6074), Rémi GRIBONVAL (DR Inria, PANAMA Team, INRIA,) Isabelle BONAN (PU-PH, INSERM Visages U746, Rehabilitation Dept. CHU Rennes)

·         External partners : Dominique DRAPIER (PU-PH, EA 4712, University of Rennes I, Psychiatric Hospital of Rennes), Maureen CLERC (DR Inria, INRIA ATHENA team, Sophia-Antipolis)

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