The project

The ANR PRCE project HIPOTHEC (for HIgh-order POlyhedral meTHods for Eddy Current testing simulations) has been funded in the 2023 generic call. This is a collaboration between EDF R&D and 4 academic partners, coordinated by Inria (Lille). The HIPOTHEC project aims at developing accurate and flexible numerical solvers for eddy current testing (ECT) simulations, based on high-order polyhedral methods. The target application, of industrial interest, is the non-invasive detection of flaws within steam generators in nuclear plants.

Sketch of a prototypical ECT setting
  • ANR reference: ANR-23-CE46-0013
  • Duration: January 2024 – December 2028 (60 months)
  • Budget: 604 193 euros (in total)
  • Coordinator: Simon Lemaire (Inria, Univ. Lille)

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