iCODA member at CNRS press conference on fake news

Vincent Claveau, member of the Linkmedia research team and strongly involved in the iCODA project, is one of the top-qualified researchers at CNRS press conference on fake news. The press conference gathers a number of scientists from different disciplines: philosophy, sociology, economy, law and, of course, computer science! A lot…

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iCODA members interviewed on fake news detection

Researchers from the iCODA project interviewed in a report on fake news detection published in Le Monde’s website. In this report, Inria’s teams CEDAR and Linkmedia, together with journalists from Le Monde and AFP, explains how data and image processing benefits the chase of fake news. The report presents results from companion projects of ICODA, namely the ANR ContentCheck and H2020 InVid projects, which served as a seminal inspiration for iCODA.