This page lists the resources (publications, knowledge bases, software, demos, etc.) developed whithin the iCODA project and made available.

Press releases and mentions
Software resources
  • pytimdb, a Python library for importing time-related data in RDF/S (using owl:time), and store it in a database (mongodb) while computing all consequences of the inserted data (and detecting inconsistencies).
  • Obi-Wan is a query answering system for RDF integration following the Ontology-Based Data Access paradigm, where heterogeneous data sources are integrated using Global-Local-As-View mappings into an RDF graph with an RDFS ontology. It supports Basic Graph Pattern Queries on both the data triples generated by the mappings and the triples of ontology. It implements both mediation and materialization-based query answering approaches. For both approaches, it proposes several strategies for query answering, which move the ontological reasoning from query time to a preprocessing step.
  • Licoda: Collective Entity Linker with RDF KB for iCoda project



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