ICycle is an interdisciplinary, fundamental research ANR project, in an exciting new field merging control theory, systems biology and synthetic biology. Its overall goal is to understand the communication pathways between two primary cellular modules, the cell division cycle and the circadian clock genes, using both mathematical and simulation tools, control theory and synthetic biology techniques.

ICycle involves three partners:
+ Inria Sophia Antipolis (project coordinator: M. Chaves)
+ iBV/CNRS Nice
+ INRA Jouy-en-Josas


Movie from Delaunay’s lab (iBV).
Feillet et al., PNAS 111(27),  9828–9833, 2014.
Dividing cells simultaneously marked for detecting cell cycle and clock phases:
G1 phase (red),  S–G2–M phases (blue), or Clock (green)


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