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Day 1 (Monday, May 17, 2021) — Morning

09h30-09h45: Opening speech (E.Cinquemani)
09h45-10h30: Talk (J.Hasenauer)
10h30-10h45: Break
10h45-11h30: Talk (E.Kuhn)
11h30-12h15: Talk (S.Durrleman)

Day 1 (Monday, May 17, 2021) — Afternoon

14h00-14h45: Talk (M.Lavielle)
14h45-15h30: Talk (J.Guedj)
15h30-15h45: Break
15h45-16h30: Talk (A.Collin & M.Prague)
16h30-17h00: Speed talks: J.Martinelli, M.Péré, H.Martin

Day 2 (Tuesday, May 18, 2021)

9h30-10h15: Talk (B.Finkenstädt)
10h15-11h00: Talk (A.Samson-Leclerq)
11h00-11h15: Break
11h15-12h00: Talk (S.Benzekry)
12h00-12h15: Concluding remarks


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