Team Members


Hala Skaf-Molli (ORCID, personal page, scholar) is an associate professor, HDR at the University of Nantes. She is the head of the GDD research team (LS2N Lab). Her research includes decentralization, federated queries, knowledge graphs, and Linked Data.


The consortium will consist of two partners:

  • GDD (Nantes, LS2N, leader), we rely on the GDD team of LS2N (Nantes) with mainly Pascal Molli (PR). GDD opened a new approach for processing SPARQL query online with web preemption [GDD1]. GDD currently maintains the SaGe SPARQL Endpoint based on web preemption.
  • SemLIS (Rennes, IRISA), we rely on the SemLIS team of IRISA (Rennes) with Sébastien Ferré (PR, head of SemLIS), and Peggy Cellier (MCF-HDR). SemLIS proposes cutting-edge approaches for reconciling expressivity and ease of use, like with Sparklis [SemLis1],  a system that guides end-users in the building of their SPARQL queries, while hiding SPARQL behind a natural language interface.
  •  Alban Gaignard, a research engineer in “Institut du thorax” (UTX) (Nantes) and an associate member of the GDD team.

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