The Mitik consortium includes three academic research groups. To keep the project focused, the consortium is deliberately small. Each of the participating partners has its specificities that form a coherent set. It is important to underline that all partners will benefit from Mitik‘s disruptive concepts to establish and maintain international collaborations at the highest levels.

Involved members

Research Scientists
  • Aline Carneiro Viana, project coordinator, Inria
  • Nadjib Achir, Inria and Université Sorbonne Paris Nord – USPN
  • Anne Fladenmuller, partner leader, Sorbonne Université – UPMC
  • Marcelo Dias de Amorim, Sorbonne Université – UPMC
  • Jean-Loup Guillaume, Université de La Rochelle
  • Yacine, Ghamri-Doudane, partner leader, Université de La Rochelle
PhD students
  • Abhishek Mishra (Sep. 2020-), PhD, Inria
  • Mohammad Imran Syed (Sep.-2020-), PhD, Sorbonne Université – UPMC
  • Antoine Huchet (may 2020-), PhD, Université de la Rochelle
  • Fernando Molado (Oct- 2022), Recherche Engineer, Inria
Research Engineer
  • Fernanto Dias de Melo Silva (May- 2022), Internship, Inria and Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)
  • (Past) Loic Jouans (Feb.-Jul. 2020), Internship, Inria and Sorbonne Université – UPMC
  • (Past) Marcos Felipe Barboza de Abreu (Apr.-Sept. 2021), Internship, Inria.
  • Luis Henrique M. K. Costa (May- 2022), Prof., Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)



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