NuWat is a project proposed to Lirima. NuWat will focus on the numerical modeling and simulation of biological systems  with a focus on software development. In this context, NuWat will handle the two following related topics:

  • On the one hand the elaboration of numerical hybrid models for simulation of ecosystems (e.g. microbial ecosystems) combining discrete models (for small size populations) and continuous models (for large size populations, substrate and environment): this them appears t be strategic as conventional continuous models struggle to account for certain phenomena.
  • On the other hand the systematic numerical and software development for biotechnology process control: we will start a reflection about the software framework to adopt (choice of languages, development tools, etc.) and also address the question of interface between the process, data acquisition and treatment; and the question of software development.

Keywords: numeric for simulation, identification and control; bioprocesses; biotechnologies; microbial ecosystems.