PaMPA day

Cut view of the temperature field inside a gas turbine demonstrator. PaMPA was used to generate one mesh in this industrial gas turbine computation.

The first “PaMPA day” workshop will take place the 18th of October at Inria Bordeaux — Sud-Ouest.

This workshop will address the different ways to use PaMPA for parallel remeshing. Distributed mesh management issues will also be discussed.


This day is dedicated to feedback regarding the PaMPA software, on
the features of parallel handling of distributed meshes and
parallelization of remeshing. In particular, some results on the
coupling of PaMPA with the sequential remeshers Mmg3d, Tetgen and
Gmsh will be presented.

PaMPA ( is designed using a modular architecture :
the foundation library for distributed mesh handling (“PaMPA-Core”)
is available through free download under a free/libre software license,
and the parallel remeshing module (“PaMPA-Remesh”) is at the time
being available on demand, under a privative/non-free license.
PaMPA is currently used by one big industrial company to
build, through refinement, very large meshes (above 1 billion elements)
in reduced time.


The schedule of this event is:


Registration to the PaMPA Day

Please fill in this form if you are interested in the software, even if you cannot come.
Registration deadline is the 10th extended to the 13th of October.

Further information will be provided in due course.

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