Update the Mote Firmware

This section describes the steps to update a node firmware.

  • Download the latest firmware release from the repository.
  • Flash the firmware into the node (help here)
  • Connect to the node CLI interface (using screen, minicom, tmux…):
    • baudrate 9600 (8N1), without flow control
  • Check the configuration:
    • The period should be 300 (5m, in seconds)
      • > config
      • > period 300
    • The netid should be the same as the deployed network (1612 in Junin)
      • > mget netid
      • > mset netid 1612
    • The join duty cycle ?
      • > mget joindc

Update the Manager Firmware

  • Download the latest Firmware from you MyLinear Account
  • Download the tools:
    • Loader
    • Partition Table
    • Fuse Table
  • TODO finish

Create Test Network

  • Plug the motes to the interface board and turn the mote on
  • Four USB/Serial interfaces should be available
    • Ignore 1rst and 2nd one
    • 3rd one is for CLI communications
    • 4th one is for API communications

CLI Communication

  • Connect to 3rd interface through serial 9600-8-N-1 (No flow control)
  • On the manager:
    login user

API Communication

  • Clone SmartMeshSDK
    git clone https://github.com/dustcloud/smartmeshsdk.git
  • Run the APIExplorer
    • install pip requirements (better with virtualenv)
    • cd smartmeshsdk/app/APIExplorer
    • python APIExplorer.py

Network Health

  • Connect to the INTA VPN
  • Connect to the Raspberry
    • ssh pi@peachpi.savethepeaches.com
  • Attach to the serial screen
    screen -r serial
  • Run Dust commands
    • show motes list
      • sm
    • ping mote from mote id
      • ping mote 2
    • show statistics
      • show stat
  • Detach from screen
    Ctrl-a d


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