Welcome to the Per² Project Website

In a nutshell, this project aims at creating variety in human motionsby focusing on how viewers perceive motion variations to automatically produce natural motion personalisation accounting for inter-individual variations. In short, our goal is to automate the creation of variations to represent individuals with given characteristics, and to produce natural variations that are perceived and identified as such by users. 

The project involves a number of researchers from the MimeTIC and Rainbow teams at inria Rennes, and is led by Ludovic Hoyet from the MimeTIC team. It has been funded funded by the French National Agency for Research (ANR) under the Young Researcher Carreer Development (ANR JCJC ANR-18-CE33-0013), for a duration of 42 months (starting 1st of November 2018).

Through the project, you will find on this website information about advancement, publications, dissemination, and events organised by the consortium.

Contact: Ludovic Hoyet (professional website)

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