Previously, several workshops were organized in the near same field. The 1st edition PPNIV’07 of this workshop was held in Roma during ICRA’07 (around 60 attendees), the second PPNIV’08 was in Nice during IROS’08 (more than 90 registered people), the third PPNIV’09 was in Saint-Louis (around 70 attendees) during IROS’09, the fourth editionPPNIV’12 was in Vilamoura (over 95 attendees) during IROS’12, the fifth edition PPNIV’13 was in Tokyo (over 135 attendees) during IROS’13, the sixth edition PPNIV’14 was in Chicago (over 100 attendees) during IROS’14, the seventh edition PPNIV’15 was in Hamburg (over 155 attendees) during IROS’15, the heighth edition PPNIV’16 was in Rio de Janeiro (over 95 attendees) during ITSC’16, the nineth edition PPNIV’17 was in Vancouver (over 170 attendees) during IROS’17, and the tenth edition PPNIV’18 was in Madrid (over 350 attendees) during IROS’18.

In parallel, we have also organized SNODE’07 in San Diego during IROS’07 (around 80 attendees), SNODE’09 in Kobe during ICRA’09 (around 70 attendees), RITS’10 in Anchrorage during ICRA’10 (around 35 attendees), and the last one PNAVHE11 in San Francisco during the last IROS11 (around 50 attendees), and MEPC’14 was in Hong-Kong during ICRA’14 (over 60 attendees).Special issues have been published in IEEE Transaction on ITS (Car and ITS applications, September 2009), in IEEE-RAS Magazine (Perception and Navigation for Autonomous Vehicles, March 2014) and in ITS Magazine (Perception and Navigation for Autonomous Vehicles, March 2015). We also plan to prepare a special issue in the International transaction on Intelligent Vehicle (IEEE Trans-IV).

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