Promoters of blockchain-based systems such as cryptocurrencies have often advocated for the anonymity these provide as a pledge of privacy protection, and blockchains have consequently been envisioned as a way to safely and securely store data. Unfortunately, the decentralized, fully-replicated and unalterable nature of the blockchain clashes with both French and European legal requirements on the storage of personal data, on several aspects such as the right of rectification and the preservation of consent. PriCLeSS aims to establish a cross-disciplinary partnership between Computer Science and Law researchers to understand and address the legal and technical challenges associated with data storage in a blockchain context.

Overall Project Objectives

  • Leverage blockchains to provide legal and technical tools to automate and audit operations that access or exploit personal data.
  • Provide providing legal and technical tools to addresses the challenges posed by distribution and cross-border exchanges.
  • Design an ecosystem of legal and technical tools that can support blockchain-based distributed storage applications, while satisfying privacy and legal requirements.

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