The reading group in Optimization and Control of Univ. Grenoble Alpes focuses in the interplay between convex optimization and optimal control.

How is it organized?
Every two weeks, the group gathers to talk about a common book chosen earlier. The two topics (Control Theory and Optimization) become the main topic of the session in turn.
Sessions last one hour approximately, with 30 to 35 minutes of presentation done by a little group summarizing the main ideas, and what’s left of time is used for questions and remarks. The idea is also to solve an exercise given in the book (often left behind when we are reading it by ourselves !).

Where and when does that happen?
Meetings take place in the campus of St Martin d’Hères, at IMAG or GIPSA building. For more information, look at the corresponding tab !

Can I come in?
Of course, meetings are open to anyone, with no condition !

But do I always have to come here for information?
A mailing list has been settled for this ! To subscribe, just send a mail to sympa@inria.fr with subject “subscribe reading-group.oc-gre” and the body left empty. A mail will confirm your inscription.

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