What is this workshop about?

A Special Edition of the Real-Time Systems Open Problems Seminar (RTSOPS) will be held on 24th July at Inria (2 Rue Simone IFF, 75012 Paris, France).

The workshop precedes the RTSS 2019 Technical Program Committee meeting which takes place at the same venue on the following day. Many of the TPC members will participate in the workshop.

The aim of the workshop is to promote a spirit of co-operation and collaboration within the real-time systems community. The workshop will consist of a series of 15 or 16 short presentations about interesting open and unsolved problems in a variety of different areas of real-time system research, each followed by discussions, interaction, and a lively exchange of ideas. A convivial atmosphere is expected for this informal event.

A list of the presentations and speakers will be posted on this webpage in due course, along with details of the schedule for the day.

If you would like to participate then please send an email to liliana.cucu@inria.fr with the subject line: “RTSOPS 2019”. Please also include in the email your affiliation, and a brief list of the areas of real-time systems research that you are particularly interested in.

There is no registration fee for the workshop, and refreshments will be provided. The organizers thank Inria (Paris) for their financial support.


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