Saturnin is a block cipher and a suite of modes (authenticated encryption, authenticated encryption with associated data, hashing) designed to achieve robustness, lightweightness, and post-quantum security.

The design is one of the candidates of the NIST competition for lightweight cryptography.

The specification is available here and the package (specification and various implementations) here.


The authors of Saturnin are : Anne Canteaut (Inria, France), Sébastien Duval (UCL Crypto Group, Belgium), Gaëtan Leurent (Inria, France), María Naya-Plasencia (Inria, France), Léo Perrin (Inria, France), Thomas Pornin (NCC Group, Canada), André Schrottenloher (Inria, France).


(Credit: Fir0002/Flagstaffotos)

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