Workshop on AI for Geophysical Dynamics

November 12-15 2018, Brest

Objectives : the objectives of this collaborative workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Geophysical Dynamics are three-fold:

  • Review, discuss & advance machine learning and deep learning for the analysis, modeling, forecasting and reconstruction of ocean dynamics
  • Stimulate the cross-fertilization between AI & Ocean science
  • Bridge model-driven and data-driven frameworks
  • Initiate the definition and evaluation of proof-of-concepts for case-studies of interest

Invited speakers : (see keynote titles and abstrats)

  • Prof. Nicolas Courty, Univ. Bretagne Sud/IRISA, France (webpage)
  • Dr. Philippe Naveau, CNRS/IPSL, Francce (webpage)
  • Dr. Julien Le Sommer, CNRS/IGE, France (webpage)
  • Prof. François Lauze, DIKU, Denmark (webpage)
  • Prof. François Rousseau, IMT Atlantique, France
  • Prof. Steve Brunton, Univ. Washington, USA (webpage)

Organizing committee :

  • Prof. Ronan Fablet, IMT Atlantique/Lab-STICC, France
  • Prof. François Rousseau, IMT Atlantique/Latim, France
  • Prof. Lucas Drumetz, IMT Atlantique/Lab-STICC, France
  • Dr. Lionel Mathelin, CNRS/LIMSI, France
  • Dr. Bérengère Podvin, CNRS/LIMSI, Franc
  • Prof. Eric Blayo, UGA/INRIA AirSea, France
  • Prof. Maëlle Nodet, UGA/INRIA AirSea, France

Location: Pôle Numérique Brest Iroise, Technopôle Brest-Iroise, 29280 Plouzané (google map link).

Preliminary program: The workshop will combine scientific talks and open forum sessions as detailed below.

Sponsors: The workshop is supported by IMT Atlantique, Labex Cominlabs (project SEACS), Microsoft AI EU Ocean award (AI4OceanDyn).

Monday, November 12


Welcome word

Keynote: Dr. J. Le Sommer, CNRS, IGE (45’+15’)

Ocean Science & Machine Learning: Challenges & Opportunities


Keynote: Prof. F. Rousseau, IMT Atlantique (45’+15’)

Registration, Diffeomorphism, ODE & ResNet


Open forum session (Propose & share problem/theme proposal)

5′ presentation for proposals of working group themes/subjects (any participant)

Tuesday, November 13


Keynote: Prof. N. Courty, Univ. Bretagne Sud, IRISA (45’+15’)

Machine learning & Optimal transport


In parallel :

Introduction to Machine learning and Deep learning for beginners

Open forum session & working groups

Tuesday, November 13


Keynote: Prof. S. Brunton, Univ. of Washington (45’+15’)

Machine learning of interpretable nonlinear models for unsteady flow physics


Open forum session & working groups

Wedsneday, Nov. 14


Keynote: Dr. P. Naveau, CNRS, IPSL (45’+15’)

Learning complex spatial dependence structure among heavy rainfall or how to combine data within max-stable processes? (see abstrat)


Open forum session & working groups

Wedsneday, Nov. 14


Keynote: Prof. F.. Lauze, DIKU (45’+15’)

To be defined


Open forum session & working groups

Thursday, November 15


Wrap-up session

List of participants:

  • Cédric Herzet, SIm-SMART, INRIA Rennes
  • Etienne Mémin, Fluminance, INRIA Rennes
  • Lucas Drumetz, IMT Atlantique, Lab-STICC
  • Pierre Tandeo, IMT Atlantique, Lab-STICC
  • François Rousseau, IMT Atlantique, Latim
  • Ronan Fablet, IMT Atlantique, Lab-STICC
  • Said Ouala, IMT Atlantique, Lab-STICC
  • Duong Nguyen, IMT Atlantique, Lab-STICC
  • Manuel Lopez Radcenco, IMT Atlantique, Lab-STICC
  • Yicun Zheng, IMT Atlantique, Lab-STICC
  • Paul Platzer, IMT Atlantique, Lab-STICC
  • Dorian Cazau, IMT Atlantique, Lab-STICC
  • Julien Le Sommer, CNRS, IGE
  • Redouane Lguensat, CNRS, IGE
  • Nicolas Courty, UBS, IRISA
  • Clément Le Goff, E-odyn
  • Béregngère Podvin, CNRS, LIMSI
  • Eric Blayo, UGA, LJK
  • Steven Brunton, University of Washington
  • Bertrand Chapron, Ifremer, LOPS
  • François Lauze, DIKU
  • Elodie Martinez, IRD, LOPS
  • Yvain Quéau, CNRS, Greyc
  • Marie-Noëlle Bouin, CNRM
  • Pierre Ailliot, UBO, LMBA 
  • Thomas Corpetti, CNRS, LETG
  • Nicolas Longépé, CLS 
  • Sammy Metref, IGE
  • Jacques Verron, IGE
  • Alex Ayet, Ifremer/LOPS, ENS/LMD
  • Elise Arnaud, AirSea, LJK
  • Arthur Vidard, Airsea, LJK
  • Jean-Marc Delouis, LOPS
  • Laurent Cordier, CNRS, PRIME
  • Gilles Tissot, Fluminance, INRIA Rennes
  • Fabrice Collard, ODL

Below a first list of potential themes of interest for the working groups :

  • Learning-based identification of geophysically-sound governing equations (R. Fablet)
  • Learning Poincaré-Takens-Koopman operators (B. Chapron)
  • Learning & Extremes of dynamical systems (P. Naveau)
  • NN-based Kalman-like assimilation (L. Drumetz)
  • Diffeomorphic flows, Dynamical Systems & Deep Learning (F. Rousseau)
  • Learning closure representations (J. Le Sommer)
  • Bulk formulation & Machine Learning (E. Blayo/M.N. Bouin)
  • Learning-based modeling and denoising of satellite attitude dynamcis (F. Collard)

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