We all know that a person will have many different jobs during his/her life. Lifelong Learning  is  becoming  a  central  asset,  beginning  during  initial  training  at  university,  but currently  there  is  a  lack  of  appropriate  tools  and methods  combining  self-reflective  learning support and social interactions. Learner empowerment relates to the ability for a person to be able  to  define  his/her  own  learning  path  and  act  on  his/her  environment,  including  peer learning. It is a prerequisite for autonomy, to become a full citizen.

Self-regulated  learning  methods,  learner  models  and  trust  are  key  issues  to  support lifelong  learning.  The  mastering  of  self-regulated learning  methods  is  enhanced  by  digital tools,  as  the  willingness  to  develop  digital  literacy  prove  it.  Learner  models  designed  to develop  such  instrumentation  lack  a  real  collaboration  between  learning  process  support needs  and  new  opportunities  provided  by  data  availability.  Current  support  thanks  to reflexive  instrumentation  is  still  very  basic,  related  to  short  term  or  specific  data.  Trust  in tools  is  becoming  a  central  concern  in  digital  society,  especially  when  personal  data  are handled, as it is the case in learning. When trust is ensured, new innovative services may be designed that empower people and change their usage.

Self-regulated learning process, learner models, and trust are hence tightly coupled. A holistic approach is needed to propose more effective self-regulated learning process, taking advantage of relevant services based on more expressive learner models, whose acceptability is  enhanced  by  trust  in  collaboration.  Consequently,  the  main  goal  of  the  multidisciplinary project  Sedela,  is  to  design,  develop,  experiment  and  evaluate  an  improved  model  of Self-Regulated  Learning  Process,  supported  by Semantic  Open  Learner  Models, Trusted collaborative  services  and  an experimental  infrastructure,  in  a  lifelong  learning  and trusted perspective.


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