Kickoff SMILK

Monday, April 28 , The R & D center of the company Viséo and the Wimmics research team of the public research institute INRIA on digital sciences and I3S are launching a Labcom to expand research in natural language processing and semantic web. The objective of this Labcom will also be to industrialize this research to provide new tools for business intelligence and targeted marketing. The Labcom SMILK  is funded by the National Research Agency (ANR ) for 3 years and will be one of the first such joint laboratories between a mid-size company ( Viséo ) and a public research organization in the digital domain (Inria , I3S ) .

This collaboration will enable Viséo to extend its expertise in NLP to optimize the costs of research and innovation, and to expand its products for business intelligence by providing tools that will enrich and improve business information systems, including hybrid systems between corporate tools (ERP , in general) and the web. Concerning Wimmics , the research team of INRIA Sophia Antipolis – Méditerranée and I3S, it will be able , through this Labcom, to use data and and identify specific needs from real use cases to conduct its research.

The Labcom SMILK will meet many challenges: how to extract semantic data contained in the Social Web? How to structure and semantically link data between them? Can natural language processing help this structure and vice versa? How to navigate through the data? How to extract and aggregate indicators ?

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