Synchron 2022: November 28th to December 2nd, 2022.

The International Synchron Open Workshop will take place in the city of Frejus, on the French Riviera, at:

CAES CNRS center Villa Clythia (site in French)
2754, Avenue Henri Giraud
83600 FRÉJUS
Tel : (+33)4 94 83 66 06
Venue email:

How to come to Villa Clythia
(GPS coordinates: 43° 26’ 42″ N, 6° 46’ 05″ E)

Google Map link
To get to Villa Clythia from nearby cities Frejus or Saint-Raphael you can take a city bus (line n°3, exit at “Villa Clythia” bus stop), or book a taxi.
Line n°3 bus can be boarded either at “Fréjus Gare Routière” or at “Saint Raphael Gare Routière”.
Bus stop “Saint Raphaël gare routière” is across the street from the train station “Saint Raphaël”.
Bus stop “Frejus gare routière” is 10 minutes walk from the train station “Fréjus”.
Taxi stations can also be found at those 2 “gares routière”

How to come to Fréjus
By train
The nearest train station to Villa Clythia is Saint Raphaël-Valescure (also called “Saint Raphaël”). Many express trains stop in this trainstation.
The schedule of the trains going from Paris (Gare de Lyon train station) to Fréjus (Saint Raphaël-Valescure train station), can be found on Voyages SNCF website.
By plane
The nearest airport is Nice airport, about 60 kilometers from Fréjus. To go from Nice airport to Fréjus, you may either take a bus, a train, or a shuttle.

    Saint Augustin train station is within a ten minute walk from Nice airport.

    The schedule of the trains going from Nice (“Nice Saint-Augustin Aéroport” train station) to Fréjus (“Saint Raphaël-Valescure” train station) can be found on Voyages SNCF website.

    Shuttles from Nice airport to Fréjus are operated by several companies.
    One example is Shuttle direct.

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