This page introduces Toyota Smarthome dataset. Smarthome has been recorded in an apartment equipped with 7 Kinect v1 cameras. It contains common daily living activities of 18 subjects. The subjects are senior people in the age range 60-80 years old. The dataset has a resolution of 640×480 and offers 3 modalities: RGB + Depth + 3D Skeleton. The 3D skeleton joints were extracted from RGB. For privacy-preserving reasons, the face of the subjects is blurred. Currently,  two versions of the dataset are provided: Toyota Smarthome Trimmed and Toyota Smarthome Untrimmed.

Toyota Smarthome Trimmed has been designed for the activity classification task of 31 activities. The videos were clipped per activity, resulting in a total of 16,115 short RGB+D video samples.  activities were performed in a natural manner. As a result, the dataset poses a unique combination of challenges: high intra-class variation, high-class imbalance, and activities with similar motion and high duration variance. Activities were annotated with both coarse and fine-grained labels. These characteristics differentiate Toyota Smarthome Trimmed from other datasets for activity classification. [Paper Link][Supp]

Toyota Smarthome Untrimmed (TSU) is targeting the activity detection task in long untrimmed videos. Therefore, in TSU, we kept the entire recording when the person is visible. The dataset contains 536 videos with an average duration of 21 mins. Since this dataset is based on the same footage video as Toyota Smarthome Trimmed version, it features the same challenges and introduces additional ones. To better tackle the real-world challenges in the untrimmed video, we densely annotate the dataset with 51 activities. [Paper Link]

A demo of the proposed action detection method on the TSU dataset is available at this [link].

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  • 2019/11/01 The Toyota Smarthome Trimmed is accepted in ICCV’19. The data is available for request.
  • 2020/12/01 The Toyota Smarthome Untrimmed (TSU) dataset is released. The data is available for request.
  • 2021/01/05 We update the skeleton data (V1.2) for the Toyota Smarthome Trimmed. The new skeleton is based on our Pose Refinement method.

Samples of Activities in Toyota Smarthome Trimmed

Sample of Activities and Videos in Toyota Smarthome Untrimmed


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