What is Treerecs?

Treerecs is an open-source (species- and gene-) tree reconciliation software distributed under the GNU AGPL licence.
It can correct, rearrange and (re-)root gene trees with regard to a given species tree.
It was designed to be both efficient and easy to install and to use.


  • Linux
  • Mac OS
  • Windows


  • Correct gene trees with regard to a reference species tree
  • Root or re-root gene trees
  • Contract gene-tree branches whose support is lower than a given threshold, thus creating polytomies (multifurcations) that can be resolved therefater
  • Sample solutions with equivalent scores
  • Produce a graphical representation of the reconciled trees

Supported formats

Treerecs supports the following formats:

  • Newick
  • NHX
  • PhyloXML
  • recPhyloXML
  • SVG (graphical output)

SVG output example

An example of SVG output

Use Treerecs with Seaview

Treerecs has been integrated in Seaview with a graphical interface.
Install and launch Seaview, then open a gene tree file (for instance one of those provided in the examples) and choose “Reconcile->Reconcile, root and rearrange with Treerecs” in the menu.

Preview of Seaview with Treerecs


Treerecs is currently developed in the Inria Beagle team.

Main contributors:

  • Nicolas Comte
  • David Parsons
  • Eric Tannier

Other contributors:

  • Benoît Morel

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