IEMN (UMR CNRS 8520)IEMN has developed a CMOS-based topology of Ultra Low Power artificial neuron which exhibits a very low static power consumption (less than 30 pW) and a very high energy efficiency (a few femto-Joule per spike). IEMN will collaborate with CITI for the analytical performance evaluation of the proposed system and with both IRISA and CITI to develop the optimal bioinspired IoT transceiver in terms of communication capacity, wake-up efficiency and energy management.

Involved people: Laurent Clavier (Project leader), Christophe Loyer (WP2 leader), Francois Danneville, Anne Savard, Romain Cazé and Sebastien Marthe (PhD, with CITI)

The GRANIT team of IRISA is supported by the University of Rennes 1. Its research activity is focused on adaptive protocols and architectures for energy efficient wireless communications.  The team will be in charge of the implementation of the prototype. In collaboration with IEMN, it will embed the bioinspired IC in a new type of wake-up receiver and with CITI the energy harvester.

Involved people: Matthieu Gautier (WP3 leader), Olivier Berder and Jesus Aguilar Argote (PhD, with CITI)

CITI – Center of Innovation in Telecommunications and Integration of serviceCITI laboratory has a strong background on the design of wake-up radios, wireless power transfer optimization, but also on the design of dedicated physical layer for IoT systems and theoretical performance evaluation. CITI will bring its expertise in energy harvesting solutions, wireless power transfer and waveform optimization. It will closely collaborate with the two other partners for the prototype design but also for the analytical study of the radio sources for efficient wake-up and energy harvesting. 

Involved people: Guillaume Villemaud (WP1 leader), Claire Goursaud, Florin Doru Hutu, Guillaume Marthe (PhD, with IEMN) and Jesus Argote (PhD, with IRISA)

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