VEP in action
Virtual Execution Platform is a cloud middleware software that interfaces multiple Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) clouds and presents end-users with an interface facilitating ease of deployment and application life cycle management of distributed applications made up of several inter-networked virtual machines.

VEP-S is the latest version of VEP with additional features (OCCI support, OCCI-SLA and monitoring). Have a look into the video below for a demo.
Key features of the middleware

Open Source

Open source development philosophy, code released under a very permissive OpenBSD license

Open Standard

Support open standards – DMTF OVF CIMI and OCCI standards

VM Scheduling

Support Advance VM scheduling support

Advance Reservation

Support for advance reservation of physical resources

Multi-IaaS Support

Support for multiple IaaS clouds – OpenNebula, Openstack