Rennes Inria Bretagne Atlantique and Bcom

Wednesday, September 21
LOCATION Inria-RBA Amphithéatre

12:00_12:30– Visit of the LHS-PEC

  • FAUSTINE demo, retrieving AES key in an IoT using EM fault injection
  • EMA demo, retrieving a PIN code using template attack
  • Malware’o’Matic, a platform to classify and test ransomware automatically

12:30_14:00 – Registration & Welcome buffet

14:00 – Introductory session

  • Stéphane Ubéda (Director of INRIA-RBA)
  • Jean Marc Jezequel  (Director of IRISA)
  • Koji Nakao: NICT
  • Claude Kirchner : Inria

14:30_15:30 – Presentation of the 7 WG

  • WG1 Formal method, by Palamidessi Catuscia and Okada Mitsuhiro
  • WG2 Cryptography, by Nguyen Phong and Shiho Moriai (NICT)
  • WG3 Events and Malware Analysis by Marion Jean-Yves (Université de Lorraine) and Dai Inoue (NICT)
  • WG4 System Security and IoT security, by Jean-Louis Lanet (INRIA) and Shinsaku Kiyomoto (KDDI labs.)
  • WG5 Privacy, Gambs Sébastien (UQAM) and Hiro Kikuchi (Meiji Univ.)
  • WG6 ICS/ITS Security, Koji Nakao (NICT) and Asia Tria (CEA)
  • WG7 Network Security, Thomas Silverston (NICT) and  Shin Miyakawa (NTT)

15:30_16:00 – Break: Coffee – Tea

16:00 – Industrial session

  • Roberto Di Pietro, Nokia-Bell Labs, Future-X security: a Bell Labs perspective.
  • Loic Guézo, Trend Micro, Pragmatic approach for Protection of Industrial System
  • Damien Nogues, Thales, Genetic learning for malware detection

17:30 – End

18:00 – Cocktail at Rennes town hall 

Thursday, September 22
Location: B-COM, two rooms for parallel sessions

9:00_9:15 Introduction by Ludovic Noblet,  HyperMedia Manager B<> com

09:15 – Room 1-B-9 Invited talk: Protecting Transport Layer Security from Downgrade Attacks,  Karthikeyan Bhargavan, Inria.

10:15_10:30 – Break: Coffee – Tea

10:30_11:30 – Working groups meetings session 1

  • Room 1-B-8 : System Security and IoT security
    • Vulnerability analysis and tools for low level software (Sylvain Guilley)
    • Research Topics on Software Security, (Shinsaku Kiyomoto)
  • Room 1-B-9 : Reserved for discussion if needed
  • Room 1-B-10 : ICS/ITS Security 
    • Cyber physical security, (Assia Tria)
    • ITS security and its software update (Koji Nakao)

11:30 -12:30 Working groups meetings session 2

  • Room 1-B-8 :  System Security and IoT security
    • Prof. Katsunari Yoshioka (Yokohama National Univ / NICT) : IoT Security
    • Hélène Le Bouder & Ronan Lashermes (INRIA-RBA): Template attack against PIN code
    • Discussion on future actions in the WG
  • Room 1-B-9 : Privacy 
    • Hiromi Arai (U. of Tokyo), Quantifying privacy in genomic test results
    • Benjamin Nguyen (INSA CVL), The Minimum Exposure project : limiting data collection in online forms
  • Room 1-B-10 : ICS/ITS Security 
    • ICS security and Zwave security and vulnerabilities (Loic Rouch)

12:30 – Lunch

14:00-17:00 – Working groups meetings session 3

  • Room 1-B-8 :  Privacy  14:00 16:00

    • Dominique Le Hello (Orange Labs), ADAGE: Anonymous mobile traffic DAta GEneration
    • Hiroaki Kikuchi (Meiji U.), Data anonymization competition
    • Sebastien Gambs (UQAM), The many faces of anonymization
  • Room 1-B-8 : Privacy 16:00 17:00
    • Private discussion of the working group
  • Room 1-B-9 : Formal Methods
    • Catuscia Palamidessi,Verification of differential privacy in concurrent systems
    • Gergei Bana and Mitsuhiro Okada, Symbolic Verification of Complexity-Theoretic Properties of Protocols and Attack Discovery Using First Order Logic
    • Kostas Chatzikokolakis, Axioms for Information Leakage
    • Yusuke Kawamoto, Quantification of information leakage by statistical method combined with program analysis
  • Room 1-B-10 : Events and  Malware Analysis (con’t)
    • Dr. Daisuke Inoue (NICT) : NICTER and its spin-off technologies
    • Aurélien Palisse & Jean-Louris Lanet (INRIA-RBA) : Malware’o’matic platform.
    • Dr. Takahiro Kasama (NICT) : Evasive Malware
    • Jean-Yves Marion (Université de Lorraine & IUF, LORIA ) : A morphological approach to binary code analysis,

17:00 –  End of sessions

Visit of the show room and demo

  • Secure IC: Analyzer / Virtualyzer / Catalyzer: a suite of tools to analyse security weaknesses
  • b<>com : Traitor tracing to fight content piracy
  • b<>com : Prevention of phishing using browser fingerprinting

18:00 – End of the day

Workshop Dinner in Rennes at La taverne de la Marine

Friday, September 23
Location INRIA-RBA Amphithéatre

08:45 -09:15 Presentation of the CSA proposal and of H2020-Japan funding opportunities Hélène Kirchner and Marie-Hélène Pautrat

09:15_10:45 Security researches presented by PEC actors (Pole d’Excellence Cyber) Chair Axel Legay

  • Fabrizio Biondi,  Effectiveness of Synthesis in Concolic Deobfuscation Tamis Team
  • Cristina Onete, Secure two-party key-exchange proxied by a third party: how protocols fail in practice, Emsec Team
  • Pascal Cotret, HardBlare: Hardware Design for Tag-Based Security Monitors, IETR

10:45_11:00 – Break: Coffee – Tea

11:00_11:30 –Invited talk: Keiji Takeda Research Activities on Cybersecurity in Keio

11:30_12:00 – Summary of WG previous day discussions and projects

12:00_12:15 – Final session including global decisions for future actions

12:15_13:30 Departure Buffet

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