Accepted papers

List of accepted papers

Accepted for oral presentation:

  • Patrick Schäfer and Ulf Leser. Multivariate Time Series Classification with WEASEL+MUSE
  • Aaron Bostrom and Anthony Bagnall. A shapelet transform for multivariate time series classification
  • Simon Rabinowicz, Raphaela Butz, Arjen Hommersom and Matt Williams. CSBN: A Hybrid Approach For Survival Time Prediction With Missing Data
  • James Large, Paul Southam and Anthony Bagnall. Can automated smoothing significantly improve benchmark time series classification algorithms?
  • Colin Leverger, Vincent Lemaire, Simon Malinowski, Thomas Guyet and Laurence Rozé, Day-ahead time series forecasting: application to capacity planning
  • Alexandre Sahuguede, Euriell Le Corronc and Marie-Véronique Le Lann. An Ordered Chronicle Discovery Algorithm
  • Hassan Ismail Fawaz, Germain Forestier, Jonathan Weber, Lhassane Idoumghar and Pierre-Alain Muller. Data augmentation using synthetic data for time series classification with deep residual networks
  • Junning Deng, Jefrey Lijffijt, Bo Kang and Tijl De Bie. Subjectively Interesting Motifs in Time Series
  • Kun Tu, Jian Li, Don Towsley, Dave Braines and Liam Turner. Network Classification in Temporal Networks Using Motifs
  • Denis Smirnov and Engelbert Mephu Nguifo. Time Series Classification with Recurrent Neural Networks

Accepted for poster presentation:

  • Hugo Hromic and Conor Hayes. Visualising the Evolution of Dynamic Communities in Social Networks using Timelines
  • Vivek Mahato and Padraig Cunningham. A Case-Study on the Impact of Dynamic Time Warping in Time Series Regression
  • Babak Hosseini and Barbara Hammer. Multiple-Kernel Dictionary Learning for Sparse Reconstruction of Unseen Multivariate Time-series
  • Aakanksha Bapna, Naveen Thokala, Kriti Kumar and M. Girish Chandra. On the Feasibility of Deep Belief Networks for Tool Wear Monitoring in CNC Machines
  • Michael Flynn, Jason Lines and Anthony Bagnall. c-RISE: contract random interval spectral ensemble for time series classification
  • Jason Lines. On Setting Parameters with Elastic Distance Measures for Time Series Classification: A Practical Case Study with Dynamic Time Warping
  • Dominique Gay and Vincent Lemaire. Should we reload Time Series Classification Performance Evaluation ? (a position paper)
  • Lejeail Pierre, Vincent Lemaire, Antoine Cornuéjols and Adam Ouorou. TriClustering based outlier-shape score for time series in a fraud detection platform
  • Petr Pulc, Oliver Keruľ-Kmec, Tomáš Šabata and Martin Holena. Motion Segmentation by Semi-Supervised Classification in Dynamic Scenery
  • Eman Awad and Fintan Costello. Learning from temporal data: feature formation and prediction for categorical time series
  • Manel Chehibi and Aymen Gammoudi. An Intelligent Approach for Managing Uncertainty in Temporal Databases: First Steps

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