You can find here a preliminary program of the AALTD workshop (to be finalized — accepted articles can be found here and pdf files containing all oral and poster papers can be downloaded):

  • Session 1 (9h – 10h40)
    • Workshop introduction (by your wonderful organizers)
    • Time Series Classification with Recurrent Neural Networks, Denis Smirnov and Engelbert Mephu Nguifo [pdf]
    • Network Classification in Temporal Networks Using Motifs, Kun Tu, Jian Li, Don Towsley, Dave Braines and Liam Turner [pdf]
    • Presentation of the new “multivariate time-series archive“, T. Bagnall
    • Spotlight presentations of posters (2′ per poster)
  • Session 2 (11h – 12h40)
  • Lunch time: First round of discussion around posters and demos
  • Session 3 (14h-15h40)
    • Multivariate Time Series Classification with WEASEL+MUSE, Patrick Schäfer and Ulf Leser [pdf]
    • A shapelet transform for multivariate time series classification, Aaron Bostrom and Anthony Bagnall [pdf]
    • Data augmentation using synthetic data for time series classification, with deep residual networks, Hassan Ismail Fawaz, Germain Forestier, Jonathan Weber, Lhassane Idoumghar and Pierre-Alain Muller [pdf]
    • Can automated smoothing significantly improve benchmark time series classification algorithms?, James Large, Paul Southam and Anthony Bagnall [pdf]
  • Session 4 (16h-17h40)
    • An Ordered Chronicle Discovery Algorithm, Alexandre Sahuguede, Euriell Le Corronc and Marie-Véronique Le Lann [pdf]
    • Subjectively Interesting Motifs in Time Series, Junning Deng, Jefrey Lijffijt, Bo Kang and Tijl De Bie [pdf]
    • Second round of discussion around posters and demos

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