ACQUA is currently developed by the Diana team at Inria Sophia Antipolis – Méditerranée. It is supported by Inria under the ADT ACQUA grant. The scientific project around ACQUA is supported by Inria Project Lab BetterNet and the French National Project ANR BottleNet.

Active Members

  • Chadi Barakat (Research Scientist, Project Leader)
  • Othmane Belmoukadam (PhD student)
  • Muhammad Jawad Khokhar (PhD student)
  • Thibaut Ehlinger (PhD student)

Former Members

  • Nicolas Niclausse (PhD, Research Engineer)
  • Thierry Spetebroot (Expert Engineer)
  • Imane Taibi (Internship)
  • Damien Saucez (Inria researcher)
  • Nawfal Abbassi Saber (Internship)
  • Oleksii Fedorov (Internship)
  • Nicolas Aguilera (Internship)
  • Salim Afra (Internship)
  • Adel Al Jalam (Internship)
  • Mauricio Jost (Internship)
  • Roberto Cascella (PostDoc)

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