Computing traffic emissions



In the view of uncertainty propagation, we needed to fully control the computation of traffic emissions. We decided to implement a free, open-source software for the computation of the emissions based on the description of traffic flow.


Traffic emissions software


We fully implemented the celebrated COPERT IV formulae in Python. The software is called Pollemission and its repository is available to anyone at the address:

It is distributed under the GNU LGPL (Lesser General Public License). Anyone is welcome to use it or contribute to it.

Pollemission was designed so that other formulae can be implemented (besides COPERT IV). Also, the software is flexible enough to allow for easy scripting and uncertainty propagation.


Pollemission can compute the emissions pointwise, e.g., to compute the emissions factors of the following figure:

Pollemission is also designed to compute the emissions of a complete network of roads, here for three different times in Clermont-Ferrand (France):