Sensitivity of traffic emissions



A first sensitivity analysis was carried out in order to find out some important parameters in the computation of the traffic emissions.


Application at metropolitan scale with dynamic traffic assignment


Using the dynamic traffic assignment model, applied to Clermont-Ferrand metropolitan area (France), and the emission model Pollemission (using COPERT IV formulae), we computed the sensitivity of emissions to various parameters. Some parameters, e.g., the total demand volume (varied from -50% to +50%), influenced the traffic assignment and consequently the emissions:

Other parameters were directly related to emission computation, like the composition of the vehicle fleet.




R. Chen, V. Aguiléra, V. Mallet, F. Cohn, D. Poulet, F. Brocheton. A sensitivity study of road transportation emissions at metropolitan scale. Journal of Earth Sciences and Geotechnical Engineering, vol.7, no. 1, 151-173, 2017.