Monday October 3

  9h30-10h00     Welcome!
10h00-10h50     Ellen Saada : “Invariant measures for multilane exclusion process”
10h50-11h05     Coffee break
11h05-11h55     Christophe Bahadoran : “Invariant measures for asymmetric particle systems with a bottleneck”
11h55-12h45     Chiara Franceschini : “Stochastic duality for asymmetric particle systems”
12h45-14h00     Lunch
14h00-14h50     Cristina Toninelli : “Fredrickson-Andersen 2-spin facilitated model: sharp threshold”
14h50-15h40     Robert Jack : “Examples of hydrodynamic behaviour in two-species exclusion processes”
15h40-16h00     Coffee break
16h00-16h50     Assaf Shapira : “Kinetically constrained lattice gases – cooperative vs. non-cooperative behavior”

Tuesday October 4

  9h10-10h00     Vivien Lecomte : “Geometry of nonequilibrium interacting reaction networks”
10h00-10h50     Pierre Le Doussal : “Large deviations for diffusion in random media: crossover from the macroscopic fluctuation theory to the KPZ equation”
10h50-11h05     Coffee Break 
11h05-11h55     Elisabeth Agoritsas : “Dynamical mean-field theory of dense particle systems: global shear versus random local forcing”
11h55-12h45     Alessandra Occelli : “Hydrodynamics for the ABC model with slow/fast boundary”
12h45-14h00     Lunch
14h00-14h50     Clément Cosco : “High moments of the 2D polymer partition function (joint work with Ofer Zeitouni)”
14h50-15h40     Aurélien Grabsch : “A Closed Equation for Correlation Profiles in Single-File Systems”
15h40-16h00     Coffee break
16h00-16h50     Kirone Mallick : “Exact solution of the macroscopic fluctuation theory for symmetric exclusion”

       19h30 Conference Dinner at Le Compostelle (link)

Wednesday October 5

  9h30-10h20     Paul Chleboun : “Mixing times for Facilitated Exclusion Processes”
10h20-10h40     Coffee break
10h40-11h30     Laure Marêché : “Universality for Bootstrap Percolation and Kinetically Constrained Models”
11h30-12h20     Ivailo Hartarsky : “Bootstrap percolation and cellular automata with death”
12h20-14h00     Lunch
14h00-14h50     Grégory Schehr : “First-passage properties of persistent random walks/run-and-tumble particles”
14h50-15h40     Amic Frouvelle : “Hydrodynamic models for collective behavior of rigid bodies”

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