talon is a pure Python package that implements Tractograms As Linear Operators in Neuroimaging.

The software provides the talon Python module, which includes all the functions and tools that are necessary for filtering a tractogram. In particular, specific functions are devoted to:

  • Transforming a tractogram into a linear operator.
  • Solving the inverse problem associated to the filtering of a tractogram.
  • Use GPUs to speed up these operations.


The Dmipy (Diffusion Microstructure Imaging in Python) software package facilitates the reproducible estimation of diffusion MRI-based microstructure features. It does this by taking a completely modular approach to Microstructure Imaging. Using Dmipy you can design, fit, and recover the parameters of any multi-compartment microstructure model in usually less than 10 lines of code. Created models can be used to simulate and fit data for any PGSE-based dMRI acquisition, including single shell, multi-shell, multi-diffusion time and multi-TE acquisition schemes.


The OpenMEEG software is a C++ opensource software for quasistatic electromagnetics, solving forward problems of EEG, MEG, ECoG, intracerebral EEG, and integrated it into several software suites for MEG/EEG analysis and processing (Brainstorm, Fieldtrip, SPM). The last releases of OpenMEEG 2.4 with notable new features are available here.


A Python implementation of the graph alignment WL-align algorithm is made public as part of the supplementary materials of the journal article where it is introduced. The used code and the obtained connectomes and alignments are available on the Open Science Framework at this link:

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