The detailed schedule can be found here.

Plenary lectures

Keynote lecture
Eric Siggia
Geometry, Genetics and Gene regulation
Control Theory in Systems Biology
Irene Otero-Muras
Inferring design principles in systems and synthetic biology through optimization-based methods
Antonis Papachristodoulou
Control theory tools for the analysis and design of biological networks
Dynamical Systems in Biology
Felix Naëf
Organization of temporal gene expression: from promoter cycles to circadian clocks
Jana Wolf
Modeling signalling networks and gene expression involved in cancer
Evolutionary Systems Biology
Jeff Gore
The dynamics of biological populations
Orkun Soyer
Evolution of cell metabolism and metabolic interactions
Spatio-temporal models
Marta Ibañes
Models for pattern formation in development
Dagmar Iber
From Networks to Function – Computational Models of Organogenesis
Integrated molecular networks
Mattia Zampieri
Using metabolic fingerprints to rationally design combination therapies
Andrea Weisse
Modelling bacterial growth

Afternoon blackboard teaching and hands-on sessions

Claudine Chaouiya
Qualitative dynamical modelling of (multi-) cellular networks
Anne Goelzer
Resource Balance Analysis
Hidde de Jong
Dynamic models integrating metabolism and gene expression
Mustafa Khammash
Stochastic modeling, simulation and analysis
Wolfram Liebermeister
Enzyme economy in metabolic models
François Nédélec
Simulation of intracellular mechanics
Jakob Ruess
Optimally learning dynamical models from data

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