CompSysBio 2021

We are excited to announce the Advanced Lecture Course on Computational Systems Biology, that will be held  in person in the Aussois ski resort (France) between November 14th and  November 19th, 2021.

This will be the 4th edition of CompSysBio; for the previous three editions, see CompSysBio 2015, CompSysBio 2017, and CompSysBio 2019.

Systems Biology aims at describing living systems on the basis of the modeling of their complex inner and outer interactions. It provides conceptual and methodological frameworks to think biological systems, allowing to derive the falsifiable consequences of current models as confronted with the mass of molecular, cellular, physical and physiological data. Systems Biology is therefore intrinsically interdisciplinary, requiring strong interaction between researchers from biology and more formal sciences.

The Course emphasis is methodological and targets participants from Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics, in addition to biologists motivated by Systems Biology. Sessions are therefore preferentially organized around methodological issues: control theory, dynamical systems, spatio-temporal models, network inference and analysis, evolutionary systems dynamics, with a constant eye on biological relevance.

The Course will be an opportunity for participants to interact directly with prominent scientists in this rapidly growing field. In order to facilitate casual interactions, there will be time for hiking in the afternoon. The pedagogical scheme is as follows (see programme):

Participants are strongly encouraged to submit an abstract of their current work to be presented as a poster in order to facilitate scientific interactions. Some abstracts will be selected for short talks by the Scientific Committee. Student fellowships are also available and will be awarded to cover registration fees on the basis of the submitted abstract.

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