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Welcome to the first annual Invited Workshop on Crystal-Free Radios, Chip-Scale Wireless Systems and Swarms. This event brings together experts to explore the challenges and opportunities associated with extreme miniaturization of wireless mesh networking devices and swarms of micro-robots.

This three-day event takes place at Inria in Paris, France, on 12-14 September 2023. The program features a keynote address, a hands-on tutorial of the single-chip micro-mote, and a strategy session to consolidate a common vision on the research challenges ahead, and the way forward, including around funding. Participants are encouraged to contribute to the events with a paper presentation, a demo, or a poster. These contributions can be published on inria.hal.science.

The workshop is a fantastic opportunity to meet up in person. We will have ample opportunity for informal chat, including during a visit of beautiful Paris, and a dinner cruise on the Seine river.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you!

The organizing team.

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