Each participant will get a chance to present their work, and thereby to spark discussions and collaboration. You can choose to present a paper, bring a poster, or give a demo. The spirit of the event is to keep it agile, interactive and dynamic, so don’t hesitate to propose innovative contributions. The TPC will build up the program from those contributions.

We are looking for contributions in the general area of crystal-free radios, chip-scale wireless systems and swarms, but of cours we welcome contributions that don’t fall exactly in these. Without requiring all contributions to falls within these, here are some of the topics which seem particularly interested:

  • Crystal-free domain
    • Crystal-free/crystal-less RF transceivers or components
    • Disciplined/tuned on-chip oscillators without external references
    • Feedback control of oscillators
    • On-chip voltage and current references without external components
    • Ultra low-power circuit design
    • Low-power on-chip security and cryptography
    • Low-power on-chip signal and image processing
    • Crystal-free radios in heterogeneous networks
    • Software tools and methods to make programming and control easy and scale
  • chip-scale wireless systems
    • System fabrication and assembly techniques
    • Package-free heterogeneous integration
    • Prototyping of chip-scale systems
    • Power and energy sources for chip-scale systems
    • Sensors and actuators for chip-scale systems
    • Rapid System-on-Chip design tools and techniques
    • Multi-voltage domain and multi-clock domain SoC design
    • Contactless programming and debugging of integrated circuits
    • Demonstrations of ultra small and/or ultra low-power wireless motes
  • swarms and low-power wireless
    • Wireless latency in large-scale control systems
    • Low-power on-chip machine learning and artificial intelligence
    • Time-synchronized wireless communication
    • standardization activities (IETF, IEEE, W3C…)
    • Wireless mesh networks
    • Personal and body area networks
    • Environmental sensing applications
    • Medical applications
    • Influence of mobile agents in wireless networking

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