The DirtyData team is multi-disciplinary. Composed of mathematicians, computer scientists, software engineers, and industry data scientists.


Senior members

Junior members

  • Marine Le Morvan – INRIA/CNRS, Post-doc. Working on supervised learning with missing values.
  • Bénédicte Colnet – INRIA, PhD student. Working on causal inference.
  • Matthieu Doutreligne – INRIA-HAS, PhD student. Working on transfer learning for public health.
  • Alexis Cvetkov-Iliev – INRIA, PhD student. Working on statistical analysis across relational databases with embeddings.
  • Lilian Boulard – INRIA, software engineering apprentice. Working on dirty_cat.

Former members

Associated teams

Many in the DirtyData project share offices and work culture with the Parietal research group, and the scikit-learn consortium @ Inria.

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