• Masaaki Tokieda, postdoc with Claude Le Bris (MATHERIALS) and Pierre Rouchon (QUANTIC)

In his post-doctoral work co-supervised by Claude Le Bris (MATHERIALS) and Pierre Rouchon (QUANTIC), Masaaki Tokieda addresses various issues related to the numerical simulation and the fundamental understanding of several models of physical systems likely candidates to play a crucial role in quantum computing.
More specifically, he studies several pathways to efficiently account for adiabatic elimination in the simulation of composite quantum systems in interactions, modeled by Lindblad type master equations. The specific question currently under study is the expansion up to high orders and the compatibility of such an expansion with the formal requirements of consistency of quantum mechanical evolutions. He is also planning to address various other connected issues, all aiming at better fundamental understanding and a more effective simulation of open quantum systems.

  • Alexandre Guernut, PhD with Emmanuel Jeandel (MOCQUA) and Christophe Vuillot (MOCQUA)

The goal Alexandre Guernut’s PhD thesis is to tackle the problem of fault-tolerant quantum computation within quantum LDPC block codes. Better techniques are needed to help decrease the prohibitive overhead required by fault-tolerant quantum computation.

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